Epic American Battles: San Juan Heights

27 Oct
There have been episodes of our history that have never failed to excite our most adventurous passions. Some events in America’s long drama never fail to make us want to stand up and cheer. While it is not always the...
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Epic American Battles: Manila Bay

6 Jan
Some battles are close calls. Some are barely victories. Some don’t even have a definite winner. Then there are some battles which have certain winners and the battle itself is completely one-sided. These great victories are rare but not non-existent....
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Party Issues

26 Dec
The history of third parties in American politics is rather vague and for the most part, quite easily overlooked. In most elections, third parties receive a tremendously small percentage of the total popular vote. The Republican and Democrat parties dominate...
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Profile of Great Americans: Theodore Roosevelt

12 Dec
Theodore Roosevelt, also known as “Teddy” or “TR”, was the epitome of turn-of-the-century manliness. He was born in New York City, in 1858, to the wealthy, established, Roosevelt family. Theodore’s father, Theodore Sr., was the center of his family and...
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A Big Stick

26 Nov
America’s history of foreign policy is a singular and interesting subject. At first, the United States was an isolated nation, doing business and entering into trade with other countries but refraining from making bonding alliances or intervening in foreign affairs....
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