Epic American Battles: Ticonderoga, 1775

9 Mar
It is often a habit for Americans to place our Revolutionary triumphs on a pedestal while ignoring or belittling our stinging defeats in the War for Independence. While we can hardly claim that our side was as victorious as we...
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Epic American Battles: Chosin Reservoir

21 Nov
The Korean War is certainly America’s “forgotten war”. The dramatic Second World War before it and the controversial Vietnam War after overshadow it but the Korean War is worthy of rememberance and the men who served in Korea are worthy...
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Epic American Battles: San Juan Heights

27 Oct
There have been episodes of our history that have never failed to excite our most adventurous passions. Some events in America’s long drama never fail to make us want to stand up and cheer. While it is not always the...
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Epic American Battles: King’s Mountain

3 Oct
The American Revolution was filled with campaigns and battles which the American colonists lost to the British but the great triumphs that the patriots did win were great indeed. They were the decisive battles: Trenton, Saratoga and Yorktown, etc. Another...
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D-Day: Dedication and Providence

6 Jun
Allied troops wade ashore on D-Day
Seventy years ago today, Allied forces from the United States, Great Britain, Canada and various other parts of the globe, embarked on the largest military invasion in history: D-Day. Germany had overtaken Europe four years prior, but now the tide...
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Epic American Battles: France, 1944

10 Mar
An American tank rolls through Carentan during the American Blitzkrieg
In the spring of 1940 a shadow began its descent on Europe. Hitler had commanded his armies to move into Poland in September, 1939. France and Great Britain had declared war on Germany to protect Poland’s freedom and national sovereignty....
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Epic American Battles: Belleau Wood

27 Jan
The Hellhounds charge in Belleau Wood
The United States Marine Corps is famous for courage, fortitude and strength. The very words “US Marines” are synonymous with toughness. The United States Marine Corps fights its country’s battles on air, land and sea. “From the halls of Montezuma...
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Epic American Battles: Manila Bay

6 Jan
Some battles are close calls. Some are barely victories. Some don’t even have a definite winner. Then there are some battles which have certain winners and the battle itself is completely one-sided. These great victories are rare but not non-existent....
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