A Tale of Two Revolutions

2 Apr
The Declaration of Independence is presented to the Continental Congress, 1776
In 1776, American colonists declared independence from Great Britain. Under twenty years later, the French deposed their king and guillotined him and his wife. The American and French Revolutions were close chronologically but radically different in nature. While the American...
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The Reformation and the American Revolution

31 Oct
The world changed on October 31, 1517. That day, at about noon, a young German theologian named Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany. This action set in motion a series of...
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The Faith of Samson Occom

29 Oct
The center point of Christianity in the Thirteen Colonies before the First Great Awakening was the Puritanism of New England. When we examine early Puritanism in America we tend to examine several particular figures such as John Winthrop, Increase and...
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Resistance to Tyrants…

23 Sep
Some are willing to acknowledge the part that Christian principles played in the foundation of our nation and government but would they be so bold to believe that the American Revolution itself was a Christian movement? I believe in some...
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The Fire That Made America

16 Sep
Jonathan Edwards once said, “I assert that nothing comes to pass without a cause.” That indeed was true of the American Revolution. What things caused the Revolutionary War? Interestingly enough, a movement that Jonathan Edwards was a part of can...
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Half-Way Covenants, Compromise and What-Not

4 Sep
It was 1662 and things were changing in New England. The traditional Puritan society, with its strong emphasis on the Bible and God-fearing life, was in decline and instead a materialistic society was emerging in its place. The Puritan’s children...
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