Profiles of Great Americans: Dorothea Dix

19 Sep
America’s history has been filled with conflicts and sufferings amongst the stories of inspiration. As Americans have suffered, there have always been other Americans who reach out a caring hand to them in their need and given them support. The...
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Profiles of Great Americans: Stonewall Jackson

21 Jul
Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson was one of the greatest and most virtuous commanders in the Civil War. He led his men valiantly and fearlessly and left a legacy of great nobility and honor. Despite the fact that Jackson fought under the...
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Null and Void

4 Apr
James Madison, author of the Virginia Resolution of 1798
We have strayed far from the Founding Father’s original intent for our country. This is due, in a substantial part, to the Civil War. Ironically, the Civil War almost united the country. The North fought the South, the USA fought...
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Profiles of Great Americans: Abraham Lincoln

19 Feb
Abraham Lincoln
Due to the recent occurrence of President’s Day a couple of days ago, I thought it would be appropriate to offer a biographical overview of arguably one of the greatest Americans in history. By no means was Abraham Lincoln perfect....
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The Ironic Tale of Wilmer McLean

5 Nov
History can be ironic. One particularly ironic story comes from the American Civil War, a particularly ironic conflict. At the center of this tale is a common fellow named Wilmer  McLean. Wilmer McLean lived near Manassas, Virginia on an estate...
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Profiles of Great Americans: Robert E. Lee

23 Sep
“My chief concern is to be a humble, earnest Christian.” So said Robert E. Lee, one of America’s greatest military commanders and strategists. Today, Lee is remembered for leading the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia to victory after victory during...
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