Justice Like A Rolling Wave

27 Jan
Human history is a rushing river of freedom and justice, which starts as a small trickle but soon reaches tidal wave proportions. The actions of a few can multiply into great revolutions and we never know which courageous stand will...
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Profiles of Great Americans: Jackie Robinson

10 Oct
We all want justice but sadly, in a sinful world like the one in which we live, injustice is all too common. However, there will always be heroes who fight for justice and lead the charge for a better life....
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The Illusion of Western Superiority and World War I

29 Sep
There is no doubt that World War I was an important event in World history. I contend that it was, in fact, the most critical event of the Twentieth Century. The First World War laid the stage for the rest...
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The Tragedy of the Marne

11 Aug
French troops charge at the Marne, 1914
It cannot be overstated that World War I shaped the course of Twentieth Century history. This epic conflict that spun the world into chaos and conflagration from 1914 to 1918 set the tone for the rest of human history since...
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Edison and Tesla: The Great Rivalry

4 Aug
Electricity was never invented but today we remember some inventors who worked with electricity. Men like Benjamin Franklin, Michael Faraday and Thomas Edison are highly respected as the scientists who pioneered work in the field of electricity. Thomas Edison invented...
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The Shot Heard ‘Round the World

7 Jul
When people hear the phrase “shot heard around the world” they immediately think of the shot that was fired by an unknown person at the battle of Lexington in 1775 at the beginning of the American Revolution. This mysterious shot...
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