Profiles of Great Americans: Hiram Revels

25 Aug
American history is a menagerie of episodes both patriotic and less-than-desirable. Our history is a saga of both slavery and freedom, justice and oppression. It is a story of Jim Crows and Martin Luther Kings. All in all, while American...
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Profiles of Great Americans: Stonewall Jackson

21 Jul
Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson was one of the greatest and most virtuous commanders in the Civil War. He led his men valiantly and fearlessly and left a legacy of great nobility and honor. Despite the fact that Jackson fought under the...
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The Shot Heard ‘Round the World

7 Jul
When people hear the phrase “shot heard around the world” they immediately think of the shot that was fired by an unknown person at the battle of Lexington in 1775 at the beginning of the American Revolution. This mysterious shot...
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D-Day: Dedication and Providence

6 Jun
Allied troops wade ashore on D-Day
Seventy years ago today, Allied forces from the United States, Great Britain, Canada and various other parts of the globe, embarked on the largest military invasion in history: D-Day. Germany had overtaken Europe four years prior, but now the tide...
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A Tale of Two Revolutions

2 Apr
The Declaration of Independence is presented to the Continental Congress, 1776
In 1776, American colonists declared independence from Great Britain. Under twenty years later, the French deposed their king and guillotined him and his wife. The American and French Revolutions were close chronologically but radically different in nature. While the American...
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The Pease Field Fight and the Providence of God

7 Nov
The Pilgrims of Plymouth and their Puritan comrades of Massachusetts Bay had founded their colonies in the midst of the vast, trackless, New England wilderness. We are all familiar with the desolation of the Pilgrim community during that first fateful...
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De Tocqueville’s Insights (Pt. 2)

21 Oct
A while ago I posted about Alexis de Tocqueville, his journey to America in 1831 and some of his observations about the early United States. I decided to write a follow-up with some quotes from his book “Democracy in America”....
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