Profiles of Great Americans: Dwight Eisenhower

1 Dec
The word “leadership” brings to mind a strong and assertive image of power and direction. Time and time again, throughout history, leaders have taken charge and made names for themselves. We hail people like Julius Ceasar, Napoleon and Genghis Khan...
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The Scramble For Empire

24 Nov
Humanity has long been obsessed with empire-building. From the ancient Mesopotamian kingdoms to Rome to the dominions of Great Britain, man’s ambition to control vast swaths of territory has seemed so strong that it can not be conquered. Since the...
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Profiles of Great Americans: Jackie Robinson

10 Oct
We all want justice but sadly, in a sinful world like the one in which we live, injustice is all too common. However, there will always be heroes who fight for justice and lead the charge for a better life....
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America and the Aftermath of World War I

18 Aug
The United States joined the fight against Germany in World War I in 1917, about three years after the war began in Europe. For the majority of the war, President Wilson’s opinion (and one shared by many Americans) was that...
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D-Day: Dedication and Providence

6 Jun
Allied troops wade ashore on D-Day
Seventy years ago today, Allied forces from the United States, Great Britain, Canada and various other parts of the globe, embarked on the largest military invasion in history: D-Day. Germany had overtaken Europe four years prior, but now the tide...
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Epic American Battles: France, 1944

10 Mar
An American tank rolls through Carentan during the American Blitzkrieg
In the spring of 1940 a shadow began its descent on Europe. Hitler had commanded his armies to move into Poland in September, 1939. France and Great Britain had declared war on Germany to protect Poland’s freedom and national sovereignty....
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“Peace In Our Time?”

3 Mar
One of the most foundational causes of World War II was the German occupation of Czechoslovakia. The occupation was a result of Hitler’s aggression and the passive compromise of the Western Allies (namely Great Britain and France). Hitler claimed the...
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