The High Point History Series: American History 1754-1945

The High Point History Series: American History 1754-1945

Here is what readers are saying about The High Point History Series: American History 1754-1945:

“work is as good as some that is being published by…folks…with advanced degrees” -Professor Michael Allen, University of Washington, co-author,  “The Patriot’s History of the United States”

“Very professionally done.”  –Professor Larry Schweikart, University of Dayton, co-author, “The Patriot’s History of the United States”

“As a history major and historian who focuses on American military history, it is no small praise to be able to say that I learned quite a bit from this pleasant little book, and look forward to reading more with great anticipation. Jace’s style is captivating, comfortable, confident, and concise, and he uses it masterfully to create the ideal introduction, overview, or refresher on the foundation of our unique nation. I particularly appreciated his contemplation questions at the end of each section – they are a wonderful way to encourage readers to think more deeply into what they are studying, and to whet their appetite for more. Jace certainly has whet my appetite…keep those books coming, Mr. Bower!”  -Ed, reviewer

“Jace has done a nice job of writing a summary overview of the key points of America’s early history. His prose is an easy to read style that flows. If you want to brush up on your history, this is a great book to add to your collection.”  –Tracker, reviewer

“Covers the essentials of this time frame in short order, with a good perspective of how the events shaped the country.”  -Red Hill 1, reviewer

“Mr. Bower’s American History overview, is a clear and concise, with a very excellent smooth flow from the years in this series. This was an excellent read, and could make a very good mini series on the television, with his high points of these years. I liked the fact that he mentioned that our nation was formed under Christian beliefs, and used the Bible as a guide for our Constitution. Well done young man.”  -Richard J. Shepard, reviewer

“I really liked the book! The format of the book made it really to process what I was reading. The different questions helped me to apply all the information. All this combined with the fun facts made it really interesting. I learned a lot!”
-David P. 15, Homeschooler

“I greatly enjoyed reading this book. Written in an orderly manner, it was easy to follow. The chapter and section headings help it to flow nicely. I particularly enjoyed chapter four, as that is the time period I am least familiar with. I found it interesting to learn about how the French acquired the Louisiana Territory. The book generally kept my attention and overall it is a great read.”
-Samuel P. 18, Home school Graduate

“The book was very easy to understand and follow…I definitely learned something new!”
-Meghan M. 17, Homeschooler

"World War I: The Unravelingif the World" is set to be released in the Fall of 2014.

“World War I: The Unravelingif the World” is set to be released in the Fall of 2014.

Here is what readers are saying about “World War I: The Unraveling of the World” (to be released Fall 2014).

“treated…with a bold intelligence” -Professor David Aikman, Patrick Henry College

“written with excellence…outstanding!” -Sheryl C. homeschool educator and mom

“It is well written! It is very thorough, but balanced…engaging and easy to read. I really enjoyed learning this information that I did not know about WWI.” -Lisa C. homeschool educator and mom

“very clear and easy to follow…fantastic!” -McKenzie H. 16, homeschool student

“I could follow along…easily,…it kept my attention fairly well…fascinating” -Emma F. 15, homeschool student

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