The Scramble For Empire

24 Nov
Humanity has long been obsessed with empire-building. From the ancient Mesopotamian kingdoms to Rome to the dominions of Great Britain, man’s ambition to control vast swaths of territory has seemed so strong that it can not be conquered. Since the...
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Darwin’s Long Shadow

29 Aug
When Charles Darwin published On the Origin of the Species in 1859, the countdown to World War I began. His ideas, and those of his successors, contributed greatly to the great conflagration that we call the Great War. Darwin’s theory...
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America and the Aftermath of World War I

18 Aug
The United States joined the fight against Germany in World War I in 1917, about three years after the war began in Europe. For the majority of the war, President Wilson’s opinion (and one shared by many Americans) was that...
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The Tragedy of the Marne

11 Aug
French troops charge at the Marne, 1914
It cannot be overstated that World War I shaped the course of Twentieth Century history. This epic conflict that spun the world into chaos and conflagration from 1914 to 1918 set the tone for the rest of human history since...
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Epic American Battles: France, 1944

10 Mar
An American tank rolls through Carentan during the American Blitzkrieg
In the spring of 1940 a shadow began its descent on Europe. Hitler had commanded his armies to move into Poland in September, 1939. France and Great Britain had declared war on Germany to protect Poland’s freedom and national sovereignty....
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Epic American Battles: Belleau Wood

27 Jan
The Hellhounds charge in Belleau Wood
The United States Marine Corps is famous for courage, fortitude and strength. The very words “US Marines” are synonymous with toughness. The United States Marine Corps fights its country’s battles on air, land and sea. “From the halls of Montezuma...
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The Black Ships

21 Nov
Nineteenth century world history was characterized by the expansion of world empires through trade, settlement and conquest. Imperialism was not a new idea. The idea of world empires was older than the Romans. Even after antiquity Imperialism had been practiced...
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The Eleventh Hour…

11 Nov
On November 11, 1918, at 11 am, the largest war that the world had witnessed up to that time, was over. World War I had begun ages ago, it seemed like. It left Western Europe in ruins, Eastern Europe in...
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