Profiles of Great Americans: Dwight Eisenhower

1 Dec
The word “leadership” brings to mind a strong and assertive image of power and direction. Time and time again, throughout history, leaders have taken charge and made names for themselves. We hail people like Julius Ceasar, Napoleon and Genghis Khan...
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America and the Aftermath of World War I

18 Aug
The United States joined the fight against Germany in World War I in 1917, about three years after the war began in Europe. For the majority of the war, President Wilson’s opinion (and one shared by many Americans) was that...
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The Easter That Changed the World

21 Apr
Easter is, in one sense, the most important day of the year. It is a day that we remember and celebrate the most important event in the history: the resurrection of Christ. Besides the original “Easter”, another Easter changed the...
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Party Issues

26 Dec
The history of third parties in American politics is rather vague and for the most part, quite easily overlooked. In most elections, third parties receive a tremendously small percentage of the total popular vote. The Republican and Democrat parties dominate...
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