Profiles of Great Americans: Zachary Taylor

8 Sep
Heroes in American history come in all shapes and sizes. Some are strong, resilient and yet gentle, like Martin Luther King Jr and George Washington. Others are loud, fiery and full of passion, like Patrick Henry and Theodore Roosevelt. But...
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Profiles of Great Americans: Henry Clay

25 Mar
Henry Clay
Henry Clay ran thrice for President. Obviously, he lost thrice. This does not diminish the importance of this political figure in American history. Clay was one of the leading senators in American history and together with John C. Calhoun and...
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Epic American Battles: Lake Erie

20 Oct
There are certain phrases that become a part of a nation’s heritage. Some might call these phrases, “Famous Words”. One particular historic phrase that became a part of American folklore is the message sent from Oliver Hazard Perry to William...
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“A Well Regulated Militia…”

7 Oct
Today the issue of gun control is a hot topic. Many pro-gun activists cite the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution as a clear indicator of the freedom of the people to bear arms. The Second Amendment reads, “A...
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Profiles of Great Americans: David Farragut

2 Oct
David Farragut is famous today for an order he gave during the Battle of Mobile Bay during the Civil War: “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” But Admiral Farragut can, and I believe, should, be remembered for so much more....
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Profiles of Great Americans: Andrew Jackson

9 Sep
Throughout its history the United States has had forty-four presidents. From Washington to Obama, America has seen many good men take the office of executive officer. Of these forty-three men some have stood out above the rest. (Grover Cleveland was...
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