Profiles of Great Americans: Dorothea Dix

19 Sep
America’s history has been filled with conflicts and sufferings amongst the stories of inspiration. As Americans have suffered, there have always been other Americans who reach out a caring hand to them in their need and given them support. The...
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Profiles of Great Americans: Hiram Revels

25 Aug
American history is a menagerie of episodes both patriotic and less-than-desirable. Our history is a saga of both slavery and freedom, justice and oppression. It is a story of Jim Crows and Martin Luther Kings. All in all, while American...
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Profiles of Great Americans: Stonewall Jackson

21 Jul
Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson was one of the greatest and most virtuous commanders in the Civil War. He led his men valiantly and fearlessly and left a legacy of great nobility and honor. Despite the fact that Jackson fought under the...
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Epic American Battles: Chancellorsville

2 Dec
Robert E. Lee was one of the greatest American generals who ever lived and although he fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War, he also served in the United States’ army during the Mexican-American War. Robert E. Lee was...
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A House Divided…

22 Nov
We all know about the Civil War. It was one of the most important events in American history. Opinions differ as to what caused the war. Many things are to blame. Slavery certainly played a major role in dividing the...
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Epic American Battles: Fort Donelson

13 Nov
The Civil War was the first modern war. Men and supplies moved by railroad, orders moved by telegraph and war itself moved from the battlefield to the cornfield. The Civil War was not only the first modern war, it was...
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The Ironic Tale of Wilmer McLean

5 Nov
History can be ironic. One particularly ironic story comes from the American Civil War, a particularly ironic conflict. At the center of this tale is a common fellow named Wilmer  McLean. Wilmer McLean lived near Manassas, Virginia on an estate...
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Three Battles That Preserved the Union

28 Sep
What was the most important battle of the American Civil War? Most people would say Gettysburg. Gettysburg is a popular choice because it was the war’s largest battle. Gettysburg was decisive but I would like to propose three other battles...
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Profiles of Great Americans: Robert E. Lee

23 Sep
“My chief concern is to be a humble, earnest Christian.” So said Robert E. Lee, one of America’s greatest military commanders and strategists. Today, Lee is remembered for leading the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia to victory after victory during...
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