Profiles of Great Americans: Madam C.J. Walker

22 Jan
One of the values that Americans, past and present, have highly esteemed is opportunity. We find patriotic pride in the fact that we live in a “land of opportunity”. However, this is not just ethnocentric patriotism and uber-American propaganda. A...
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The Forgotten States of America

22 Sep
The story of how our map came to have fifty states is an intriguing drama. However, the fifty states that make up the Union today are not the only areas of the map that have campaigned for statehood, their simply...
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Peg-Leg Pete (Or ‘Why It’s NYC, Not NAC’)

5 Sep
Every one of the original thirteen American colonies were founded by Englishmen, except two. The colonies of New York and New Jersey were originally Dutch colonies in the New World and the central character in the story of how they...
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The Canal That Built America

13 Jan
The United States was a growing nation during the nineteenth century. It grew territorially, spreading from sea to shining sea. It also grew industrially, from an agrarian society in the 1800s to the world’s greatest industrial power in the early...
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Profile of Great Americans: Theodore Roosevelt

12 Dec
Theodore Roosevelt, also known as “Teddy” or “TR”, was the epitome of turn-of-the-century manliness. He was born in New York City, in 1858, to the wealthy, established, Roosevelt family. Theodore’s father, Theodore Sr., was the center of his family and...
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George Washington: Thrice Upheld

12 Nov
George Washington was one of the most pivotal figures in the story of American Independence. His contribution to the foundation of the United States was tremendous. He led the Continental Army during the Revolution, served as the first President and...
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The Faith of Samson Occom

29 Oct
The center point of Christianity in the Thirteen Colonies before the First Great Awakening was the Puritanism of New England. When we examine early Puritanism in America we tend to examine several particular figures such as John Winthrop, Increase and...
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Epic American Battles: Lake Erie

20 Oct
There are certain phrases that become a part of a nation’s heritage. Some might call these phrases, “Famous Words”. One particular historic phrase that became a part of American folklore is the message sent from Oliver Hazard Perry to William...
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Epic American Battles: Saratoga

5 Oct
One of the most decisive and epic battles of the American Revolution was the battle of Saratoga, New York. The battle was actually two battles, Freeman’s Farm and Bemis Heights, and several skirmishes in the same general area of upstate...
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