Profiles of Great Americans: John Quincy Adams

16 Feb
In honor of President’s Day, I will be highlighting one of my personal favorite Presidents: John Quincy Adams. Arguably, John Quincy Adams was one of the worst Presidents in American history. His administration was a failure and he along with...
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Null and Void

4 Apr
James Madison, author of the Virginia Resolution of 1798
We have strayed far from the Founding Father’s original intent for our country. This is due, in a substantial part, to the Civil War. Ironically, the Civil War almost united the country. The North fought the South, the USA fought...
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Profiles of Great Americans: Thomas Jefferson

6 Nov
The central phenomenon of the Revolution and the founding of our nation was the Declaration of Independence. This document was truly America’s founding document and it set the stage for the foundation of a government of the people, for the...
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The Reformation and the American Revolution

31 Oct
The world changed on October 31, 1517. That day, at about noon, a young German theologian named Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany. This action set in motion a series of...
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“Millions for defense…”

22 Oct
There have been times in every free nation’s existence when their freedom is put at stake. Freedom isn’t free and it can certainly be taken. When free countries are in their young years they are especially vulnerable to attack and...
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Epic American Battles: Derne

8 Oct
After the United States gained its independence in 1783 it became the new kid on the block and it started getting picked on almost immediately. One of the most formidable dangers the young country faced was the Barbary pirates. The...
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“A little rebellion, now and then,”

6 Oct
It is easy to think that the United States, after having gained independence, had no problems and was rather a new fledgeling country on the brink of prosperity, power and ultimate North American hegemony. It is certainly true that the...
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Christian Foundations of American Education

30 Sep
“Cursed be all learning contrary to the cross of Christ.” Those were the words of Reverend John Witherspoon, one of our founding fathers and the President of Princeton between 1768 to 1794. The truth is, Christianity had a dynamic impact...
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Resistance to Tyrants…

23 Sep
Some are willing to acknowledge the part that Christian principles played in the foundation of our nation and government but would they be so bold to believe that the American Revolution itself was a Christian movement? I believe in some...
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