Peg-Leg Pete (Or ‘Why It’s NYC, Not NAC’)

5 Sep
Every one of the original thirteen American colonies were founded by Englishmen, except two. The colonies of New York and New Jersey were originally Dutch colonies in the New World and the central character in the story of how they...
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The Tragedy of the Marne

11 Aug
French troops charge at the Marne, 1914
It cannot be overstated that World War I shaped the course of Twentieth Century history. This epic conflict that spun the world into chaos and conflagration from 1914 to 1918 set the tone for the rest of human history since...
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The Easter That Changed the World

21 Apr
Easter is, in one sense, the most important day of the year. It is a day that we remember and celebrate the most important event in the history: the resurrection of Christ. Besides the original “Easter”, another Easter changed the...
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A Divine Right?

23 Oct
We can tend to neglect to study English history when we focus on early American history but it is imperative that we know what happened in England during the seventeenth century so we can better understand what happened in North...
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